Dina Summer

Ciao, Dina Summer!

Using just two synthesizers and one microphone, the new-wave trio ‘Dina Summer’ have broken from sluggish conventions and catapulted themselves directly into a new age of dark disco. Fronted with vocals from Dina P, this new journey is a collaborative band project with the purpose of being heard live by the producer Kalipo and the DJ/producer couple Local Suicide.


Releasing on electro punk label, Audiolith, whose mantra is to literally "help cope with everyday life”, there seems to be no more of a perfect label for the trio’s post-pandemic album.
With its refreshing bursts of ambient synth-pop, which winds in amongst its gritty angst new-wave tracks that they’ve been previously known for, Rimini is the ultimate balance. Reminiscent of the triumphs and tribulations of the 80’s feel good movies, this album mimics these high’s and low’s as it moves through moments of grungy darkness into moments of euphoric highs.

After the success of their EP release ‘Who Am I’ on Iptamenos Discos - with tracks played by DJ’s such as The Hacker, Digitalism, Arnaud Rebotini, Curses, Âme, Joris Voorn, Sasha Carassi & Joyce Muniz and gaining a place on the Top 20 iTunes Electronic Charts and editorial playlists on Spotify & Apple Music - their highly anticipated album Rimini is sending shockwaves through the dark disco scene. 

The ten tracks on the album "Rimini" are a real mix of moods. Tracks such as “Mars” and “Rimini” are soft and bouncy, whereas tracks such as “Uranos” and “Dominator” are fast and urgent. Fronted by Dina, every track carries vocals from the Greek native, as she utilises her bi-lingual talents of English, Greek and German all combined with her distinctive dialect to create striking melodies that go perfectly in harmony with poppy hooks. 

With her beguiling stage presence, Dina Summer manages to captivate us as a live act in the clubs and on the stages of the republic alike. With their beguiling stage presence, this album really has the ability to take you from the 7am sunrise set euphoria, back to the depths and dark corners of the Berlin club scene. Yet again, this contrast brings us an even new(er)-wave sound and demonstrates the range of emotions that synths can allure. 

After a tough few years of restrictions, this album is the much needed burst of creative freedom, with the aim of “creating an addictive dark disco summer club sound, as if Studio 54 were reopening in Berlin this summer. La dolce vita from the Spree to the private beach on the Adriatic coast; whether in the basement clubs or on the big stages of the Republic, the credo for this summer is: andiamo in discoteca!”

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