Fuzz Galaxy Buzz


Fuzz Galaxy Buzz (Halle/Bad Frankenhausen)

Götz Erdmann spent his province-youth in Thuringia between a bass-guitar, a punk band and a few empty tins of beer, before finally finding a home in electronic music. Within two years he crashed every turntable around, being the first among the hillbilly-DJs of East-Germany to play the driving, sliced-up technosound swapped over from French. Annoyed by sharing weekend-slots with overstyled discoboys he switched to creating music quickly, cutting the big D and J out of his name. Lo-Fi as fuck and in a DIY-divebomb he battles his way through his laptop, winning a fistfight with beats, bass and hooklines. The electrogolem is unstoppable since then, cobbling tricky remixes and hard banging songs, always searching for the perfect hookline hidden between beer tent and raveclub. Bombing the dancefloor - stay there forever.

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