Krink - Generic EP Out Now!

After his first EP in 2009, lots of remixes and DJ gigs around Germany and Europe, Philipp Krink is now back with his new EP „Generic“ on Audiolith Records. Featuring 4, ready-for-the-floor tracks containing all u can ask for: Bassdrums, Sax, funky Vocal Samples and of course some Cowbell. Starting with the grooving title track „Generic“, evolving over the bass heavy „Say“, the laidback „Hit It“  and finishing with the deep  „No Skool“, Krink takes his various influences and puts them into his new EP. Listen to the track @Soundcloud. Book Krink @Audiolith Booking or check out his residency @Audiolith Tanzverein Grüner Jäger Hamburg.


  • 04.07.2015 - Egotronic
    Oberhausen (DE)
  • 04.07.2015 - Kobito
    Hamburg (DE)
  • 04.07.2015 - Feine Sahne Fischfilet
    Münster (DE)
    Vainstream Rockfest
  • 04.07.2015 - Neonschwarz
    Kloster Tempzin (DE)
  • 04.07.2015 - MTDF
    Zürich (CH)
    Helsinki Club
  • 04.07.2015 - Tubbe
    Berlin (DE)
    Hipster Cup
  • 05.07.2015 - Gimmix
    Schall und Rausch Open Air
  • 10.07.2015 - Ira Atari
    Mainz (DE)
    AStA Fest
  • 10.07.2015 - Tubbe
    Riesa (DE)
    School's Out
  • 10.07.2015 - MTDF
    Kiekebusch (DE)
    Feel Festival
  • 10.07.2015 - Egotronic
    Mainz (DE)
    AStA Fest
  • 10.07.2015 - Kalipo
    Berlin (DE)
  • 11.07.2015 - Feine Sahne Fischfilet
    Karlsruhe (DE)
    Happiness Festival
  • 11.07.2015 - Egotronic
    Stade (DE)
    Müssen Alle Mit Festival
  • 11.07.2015 - Findus
    Herzerockt Open Air Festival